We take pride in going above and beyond to provide exceptional service. Read here to see what our Partners are saying about us.

"Each loan is unique and for me it is personal to get full and final approval for them. I get my own leads and they trust my expertise on full completion. I give them back the same trust believing that I have Lisa to depend on in case of any odd scenarios. I don't know how else to appreciate her than saying a million thanks to her. She is the first person I reach out to and she is very dependable anytime of the day.

My lack of experience on the platform made Audrey and her team work harder and faster under pressure. The net result is a Happy Borrower. I can only say what the best phrase for her dedication is "making the impossible possible". Again, many thanks to her dedication and efforts. And thanks to Bill, making sure all loose ends are properly tied up and our partners are taken care of all the time."

NC loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"Thank you so much for directing me to the right person. You guys have made our first FHA loan with loanDepot Wholesale run very smoothly and we are extremely appreciative."

PA loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"I cannot thank you enough for your help on this loan. You got it conditionally approved within a day or less at the beginning and continued being involved through CTC. This is my first experience with loanDepot Wholesale and am very pleased. I truly appreciate you and your team!"

GA loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"Thank you loanDepot Wholesale team for all of your hard work on this file. We have an awesome Processor. The Borrowers are very happy."

CA loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"I’ve worked with loanDepot Wholesale for over 5 years and most of my loans are referred purchase transactions from Realtors. loanDepot Wholesale gets the majority of my business because they do what it takes. They work quickly, have talented staff, and the synergy between their technology and people strikes a perfect balance. loanDepot Wholesale does the little things well which makes me look good! When you are ready, you’ll make the switch."

CO loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"Oh My Gosh, I love this company."

MN loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"I just wanted to let you guys know how much we appreciate what you do and loanDepot Wholesale’s process.

After doing a handful of loans with a competitor, it has become so much more evident. I’m not sure if it’s the caliber of employees you guys have, the level of management and/or the overall structure of the business set-up from the top, but it’s probably a combination of all the above.

Your process is exactly what we want – seamless. We know what to expect. We know the timing of everything. We can quarterback the loans with our clients very well. That’s what we want. You guys are incredible and we are lucky to be working with you. Thanks again."

IL loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"Amazing! Thank you! You have been so awesome to work with. And I know that it’s hard to read a tone through email, but I was always able to tell that you cared about the file and the Borrower and that is priceless! I really can’t thank you enough Christina, Thank you!!!"

NY loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"As I am lucky to know my own name right now, this email simply will not do justice as to the sincerest appreciation I have for all of your efforts on this transaction. I would have probably done better tomorrow, but needed to address you all tonight. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for an amazing job in getting this file cleared and closed. It took every single person on this chain to accomplish what was pretty much impossible as of only a few business days ago.

As initially explained, this was an extremely important file to this office for several different reasons, the commission being by far the least of them. This was extremely important to our Borrowers, who you should all know are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. They very much appreciate everything we all did and so I am thanking you for them as well. They are so happy, and we are so appreciative and thankful to have had each and every one of you in our corner, as I don't believe this would have gotten done without every single person here."

NY loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"My team and I would like to take a moment to say thank you to each and every one of you. LDW has come through for our team many times… Many reps can tell you that, “your business is important to them”, but then leave you high and dry when you need them most. Karen and her team are not like that and it’s what separates them from any other team I work with. You…work tirelessly…and it does not go unnoticed. "

CO loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"Awesome job!! Thanks so much for your help. I’m from banking, new to being a broker, and I’m just unfortunately used to being treated not so kindly by underwriters, so when someone like you is helping me I feel very blessed."

NY loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"Thank you LD team, amazing job. I am loving working with you guys!!"

CA loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"Thank you so much. This is a big reason why I love sending files to loanDepot Wholesale: you have a rocking team!"

MO loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"We just received the CTC within 1 week of resubmitting this file!! Thank you all for coming together and helping to get this so quickly."

NY loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"Thank you Juativa, Jackie, and Melinda. This loan had a long road … In the end, your team is the reason this funded … THANK YOU immensely!!!"

CA loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"Thank you, thank you, thank you…we appreciate it so much!"

CA loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"Too easy, I tell ya."

IL loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"I just wanted to reach out and acknowledge everyone who worked on this loan. We had a Thursday close deadline or else the deal was off. Christopher, Crystal, AnneMarie, Nancy, and Steve were all extremely helpful in getting us the final CTC so we can close on-time. I can’t thank you guys enough. When working with loanDepot Wholesale, I really feel like we have a true team behind us. I can’t say that for any other lender. Thanks again."

NY loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"Many times, people are not recognized for all the help they have given, but Lisa has gone out of her way to help me with a purchase settling. She solves problems calmly and works hard to get the loan through underwriting. I will definitely send more loans your way along with mentioning loanDepot Wholesale to my fellow Loan Officers."

VA loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"Thank you so much for how quick you guys made closing happen. From the start of the process to the closing date, it was less than 3 weeks. It was a painless, smooth process! It was too easy in today’s crazy, documentation-happy mortgage lending world and stress free for a change. You guys rock!! Thank you and definitely look forward to sending more deals to you folks at loanDepot Wholesale!!"

CT loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"loanDepot has been doing an excellent job serving Brokers in the Renovation space. We’ve done multiple FHA 203k(s) and Homestyle(s) with LDW over the past few years. The Underwriting staff is superb and the guidelines are easy to understand. We’ll definitely continue to send all of our renovation loans to Loan Depot and promote the products in general because they’re truly diamonds in the rough."

VA loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"This is why LDW will always be my favorite lender: you all look for the solution! Thank you."

CT loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"Thank you for making this happen in the most smooth way possible! This has been quite some ride and you flawlessly sailed the waves and accommodated my most bizarre requests! Thank you is inadequate to express my deepest appreciation! "

NY loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"Thank you, everyone, for a great job. The attorney was very complimentary of the service and response she received. This was a good experience for me, as well, especially given the challenging history of this file."

CT loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"Thank you, Melinda! You have a great team and you are a great leader! Many thanks to everyone."

CA loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"I just want to take a moment to say how thankful I am to work with you. You answer your phone, emails, and texts quickly You are top notch with your communication! You and your team go above and beyond to do what is necessary to smooth out any wrinkles that may come up. Your team works to get the loan done on time. Your support means a lot to me and my success. You are a top-notch Account Executive. Thank you for your help with my questions and your support!"

KS loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"You guys have earned my trust, respect, and business. I really appreciate your extra hard work."

MN loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"We have been working in the mortgage industry for a combined 50 years and having an AE that knows his products and what to do very quickly to handle issues means more to us than price, though your pricing is also excellent! I just want to thank you and let you know your group went over and beyond, made it happen and we LOVE loanDepot Wholesale!!"

FL loanDepot Wholesale Partner

"The customer service when we need you all is truly incredible. Can't say thank you enough for always stepping in and stepping up."

FL loanDepot Wholesale Partner

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